The Independent Woman

Are you an Independent Woman?


If so, how does having this title make you feel? Do you feel empowered or uncomfortable? Where did this title come from and how has it served you?

The word Independent has trickled down from generation to generation. The current incarnation of this word stems from the Feminist Movement, which has created a number of problems for women today although many are not aware of it. The problem is women have forgotten what it means to be an Independent Woman because the word Independent has essentially come to mean ALONE, rather than one of its actual definitions such as “autonomous” or “not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion”. This word for women, again, in its current incarnation, has been spoon fed to us for decades not realizing that it caused the “Independent Woman Attitude” and now we are wondering why we have so many problems finding and sustaining loving and healthy relationships.

The human race is DEPENDENT by nature, we all need HELP. We depend or are INTERDEPENDENT on everything and everyone; there are no exceptions. We depend on family, we depend on friends, we depend on running water, we depend on transportation, we depend on food to survive, we depend on emotional support and most of all we depend on money. Now the Independent Woman is strung up from the financial need to take care of herself and not depend on a man. And ladies, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being able to take care of yourself. However, this is not what we are referring to; some how the financial thing became a life thing inadvertently, causing it to become a mental thing.

Do you think you can survive without other people? Not for very long, and that’s a proven scientific fact. We absolutely NEED each other, so why is it wrong to depend on a Man? Is it because you have been let down in the past or did you watch your mother be disappointed her man? Did you do things for your man but he didn’t reciprocate? If you did things for him, especially if you two were not is an actual relationship where by he introduced you to others as his woman, you should not being doing things for him. Instead you should be giving back to him for doing things for YOU.

Being an Independent Woman is a smoke screen so that a woman can maintain her sense of PRIDE to others; but in actuality most women do not like being alone and realistically, your PRIDE will keep you alone.  Even when a woman tell her friends that it’s not that big of a deal that she does not have a man; it soon becomes a big deal when she has to go to events flying solo and watch couples together or she cries herself to sleep because she’s tired of sleeping alone. So are you ready to be a reformed Independent Woman?

Gurl Know tips on how to be a Reformed Independent Woman:

  1. Be honest with yourself. Do you like being alone? Is that working out for you very well?
  2. Figure out at what age did you started down the path as an Independent Woman. Did something happen that made you feel that you were never depending on a man for anything? An Independent Woman who doesn’t like to depend on others also equals FEAR so ask yourself what are you afraid of?
  3. There is nothing wrong with being a financially independent woman; however, in order to have a relationship, you must be willing to be vulnerable and emotionally dependent. Are you willing to let your guard down?
  4. Figure what type of man is right for you. In order to do this you need to spend quality time working on yourself. Consider this Workbook as a guide to help you to reform you Independent Woman mindset.

If you are thinking I don’t need or want to reform that is okay; this is your life so always have the right of choice. But remember this: life is way shorter than you think, a second gone is a second lost and that time can NEVER be regained. So Independent Woman, if you’re tired of not getting the life you want, let Gurl Know help you to reform!