How to Recycle Purses


One pertinent question we will ask you here is this; ‘can you recycle purses?’ Purses are made with very hard materials like leathers, cloth, rubber, snakeskins; crocodile skins, synthetic substances, and much more strong products, which have made their recycling assiduous tasks. You will see designs and decorations made with crystals, zippers, metals, rhinestones, and other fanciful products that will make them very attractive. If you don’t want to spend cash on house clearance & waste collection you should recycle your waste.

If you attempt to dispose of old purses in dumpsites and landfills, you will end up creating much more hazard to the environment because they will hardly decompose due to the substances they are made of.  Therefore, alternatives to waste disposal are recycling, reusing, and even upcycling.

Recycling your purses

Recycle your old purses by taking them to persons or organizations that can use them instead of dumping them in a dumpsite. There are some manufacturers that can accept old purses, if you get anyone send them those purses, they will accept them even without collecting a fee from you. You can ask your rubbish clearance company if they recycle the rubbish they take and this will make the waste clearance process much more efficient.

Old purses could be recycled by reusing them

You can send your old purses to consignment stores, thrift stores, and EBay that can resell them to interested persons. Another place where you can sell your old purses is through garage sales. The kids could use your old purses for dress-up practices.

The old purses could be donated to charity homes in your area. In America, there is an auction sale called ‘In the bag’, an event organized by the American Red Cross Society in McLean in order to create avenues to raise money. You can use them to dispose of your used purses, or any other organization such as the less privilege homes where people will like to make use of the bags.

You can upcycle your old purses 

In leather works, old materials could be used to reproduce new items. Therefore, in upcycling, your old purses could be cut into pieces and the leather used to make other useful products like belts, wallets, cuffs and bracelets, tablets or mobile phone casings and holders. Think of rubbish removal as the last resort.

Begin to patronize purses made from recycled materials

Recycled purses are everywhere around you, look out for them and buy. You can also make your own with used products. Some of the materials you can use to make your own purses are old sweaters, T-shirts, jeans, pillowcases, candy wrappers, cloth, plastic feed sacks, towels, and much more.

Here are some places you can get upcycled purses: Sara Bella, Etsy, Hipcycle, and much more.