How to Recycle Purses


One pertinent question we will ask you here is this; ‘can you recycle purses?’ Purses are made with very hard materials like leathers, cloth, rubber, snakeskins; crocodile skins, synthetic substances, and much more strong products, which have made their recycling assiduous tasks. You will see designs and decorations made with crystals, zippers, metals, rhinestones, and other fanciful products that will make them very attractive. If you don’t want to spend cash on house clearance & waste collection you should recycle your waste.

If you attempt to dispose of old purses in dumpsites and landfills, you will end up creating much more hazard to the environment because they will hardly decompose due to the substances they are made of.  Therefore, alternatives to waste disposal are recycling, reusing, and even upcycling.

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How do we measure success? Success to most people is achieving a desired outcome placed on a specified goal. But what happens when we fall short of that specified goal? Some of us will immediately move from a place of being hopeful, excited and motivated to being discouraged, negative and refocusing our attention someplace else. Refocusing our attention someplace else, in most cases, just repeats the cycle of failure. Failures are life greatest lessons but that doesn’t mean we always get the lessons, sometimes it takes many failures for us to understand why they keep happening. But hidden within failures are little successes but to see them you have to reevaluate, see the big picture and pay attention to the details.

We all want the things we desire to happen when and how we think they should happen. Doing something that you would not normally do makes it successful regardless of the outcome. In doing something that you would not normally do, you learn about yourself and Continue reading Little SUCCESSES Lie Inside FAILURES


Some of you may not have a Valentine so this could cause momentary sadness, regret, disillusionment and or bitterness.

Think about the following questions:

  1. Are you wondering why another Valentine’s Day is coming and you are still alone?
  2. Are you wondering why it’s so hard to connect with someone, to be with someone, to love someone?
  3. Are you wondering why others are happy and you are not?
  4. Are you wondering why you feel so tired all the time?

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The Workbook


A 12-Step Journey to Rediscovering Your Power


Most of us spend time with gurlfriends talking about our favorite topic MEN. We are either complaining about them, talking about how cute some of them are, the ones we like or being sad because we don’t have one. Then some of us decide to take advice from those same “gurlfriends” who have relationship track records that are less than stellar.

Then when we are not talking about MEN, we are reading about them. How many dating books have you read recently? There are books about how to met a Man, how to keep a Man, how do Men think, what do Men want, etc. Why is it always all about “the Man”? How about you? Don’t YOU matter? How do you feel? How do you want a Man to treat you? Do Men care about finding out these things about US?  We don’t know, but we bet you they don’t care about it as much as we do. The real problem is that Women have lost Control of the Dating Game and we are suffering because of it. Men don’t have to work hard for us because we don’t require much from them anyway.

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The Independent Woman

Are you an Independent Woman?


If so, how does having this title make you feel? Do you feel empowered or uncomfortable? Where did this title come from and how has it served you?

The word Independent has trickled down from generation to generation. The current incarnation of this word stems from the Feminist Movement, which has created a number of problems for women today although many are not aware of it. The problem is women have forgotten what it means to be an Independent Woman because the word Independent has essentially come to mean ALONE, rather than Continue reading The Independent Woman